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About us

In 2007 in the area known as the Castelli Romani and Prenestini the University of Tuscia organized the first Master TECAM in response to the growing demand for specialization in new technologies, management and the enhancement of the Central and Southern Italy cultural heritage, in the broader Euro-Mediterranean context. These interdisciplinary courses combine the humanistic subjects, the latest methods and technologies, cultural heritage management and law.
Since its establishment the Master TECAM has focused on the study of Byzantine monasticism in Italy, Northern Africa and the Near and Middle East: the professors are some of the major scholars of Byzantine monasticism, of its archaeological as well as artistic aspects. This Master’s programme carried out a research project on the Exarchic Monastery of Santa Maria in Grottaferrata, which, from its foundation in 1004 AD, has occupied a prominent role in the Byzantine rite monasteries of Italy.
In the Master TECAM these experts have joined with those of a team that over the years has developed methodologies and strategies of investigation relating to Early Medieval caves, which were so important in the symbolic and material reality of Italo-Greek monasticism.