SAMI 2018 – VIII National Congress of Medieval Archaeology. Matera (Chiesa del Cristo Flagellato ed ex Ospedale di San Rocco), 12th-15th September 2018.
  Congress “Italo-Greek Monasticism (VII-XI centuries). An archaeological reading”. Squillace (Calabria - Southern Italy), 23-24 March 2018.
Abstract This monograph is a comparative study of the Saline area and of the Aeolian Islands dioceses’ settlement in Late Antiquity and in the Early Middle ages. Both regions overlook the Straits of Messina, between Calabria and Sicily. The idea of ​​a comparative study came from the identification of many…
HYPOGEA 2017, International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Cavities. Cappadocia (Turkey), 6th-8th March 2017.   The sessions will be focused on four main topics: Explorations; Cultural and economic importance of the artificial cavities; Hazards, remediation and rehabilitation; Survey, mapping and dating techniques.
Thanks to the Superintendent Alfonsina Russo, it has created a link between the website "Material Culture of Italo-Greek Medieval Monasticism - Master TECAM" and the website of the Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Latium and Southern Etruria (News Archive). It continues the fruitful collaboration between the Master TECAM of the…
Workshop “Mediterranean monasticism”. Museo Nazionale dell’Alto Medioevo (Rome), 18th march 2016.   Lecture by Elisabetta De Minicis and Francesca Zagari on the material culture of Italo-Greek monasticism and the exarchic monastery of Grottaferrata.   WORKSHOP POSTPONED
Workshop “Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages Archaeology in Italy (4th-10th century). Research in progress”. KNIR (Royal Dutch Institute in Rome), 13th January 2016.   Lecture by Francesca Zagari on the material culture of Italo-Greek monasticism.
International Colloquium “Archéologie et décors des sites troglodytiques d’Europe et d’Asie”.Saint-Martin-le-Vieil (Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon – France), 3rd and 4th October 2015.
VII Congresso Nazionale di Archeologia Medievale della Società degli Archeologi Medievisti Italiani (SAMI). – Lecce (Palazzo Turrisi), 9-12 settembre 2015.   Il sito Internet “Cultura materiale del monachesimo italo-greco medievale – Master TECAM” verrà presentato il 12 settembre al VII Congresso Nazionale di Archeologia Medievale, grazie al sostegno del prof.…
Giornata di Studi. Presentazione del libro Dalla villa al monastero: nuovi dati archeologici dall'Abbazia di S. Maria di Grottaferrata (RM) e futuri sviluppi di ricerca. Abbazia di Grottaferrata (Sala Conferenze), sabato 16/5/2015.